If you’ve been an active part of the Party scene you’ve most certainly heard about the infamous entertainers from Hottest Miami Strippers affectionately known as Kitty Cat’s. You’ve probably heard all sorts of stories about Kitty Cat’s; are they really all black belts & moon light as Cirque du Soleil Contortionist? Are they really a band of vigilantes protecting the innocent and punishing the wicked by way of whip cream shots and glow sticks, taking a stand for human rights. Even riding along with CPD making their marks with furry hand-cuffs, miniskirts, and stilettos? Well you’ll just have to see won’t you. That would spoil the surprise after all. However, we are pleased to say that Hottest Miami Strippers is always looking for New talent to join our Kitty Cat Family.

If you have prior training or experience in Exotic Dancing, are stuck working 8+ hour shifts in a Smokey strip club; have come out actually owing more money then you’ve made after tipping out everyone and their mother, then perhaps Hottest Miami Strippers is the place for you! Imagine never having to tip out ever again and instead being Guaranteed Money just by walking into a party! KCN is run by an entirely Female Team that has been in the business for years, so your safety is paramount. Each and every party is vetted and verified for your protection and earning potential. Please visit our website and fill out the application under ‘Employment Inquiries’ and send us a few full body pictures (nude isn’t necessary). We will review your application and respond back promptly. We look forward to hearing from you!