Let’s just admit it when you picture the average Big Game Party the last word you think of is Decor. It’s pretty rudimentary…finger foods, pretzels maybe a team poster held up with streamers. It’s stark, blah and not memorable at all. It’s 2018 folks, and if you consider yourself as being ‘Woke’ you know that your Big Game Party needs to go that extra mile to be considered Extra AF while still being considerate of the event itself. The Big Game Party is classic, iconic and all American. You can’t just have a Steam-Punk theme as a Big Game Party Idea and call it a day, it just doesn’t make sense. A kooky theme party is merely a glittering lure. The best celebrations are that rare occasion when your guests can be engaged on a level beyond flash.

There often needs to be a sentimental bond of the event that allures and captivates the most discerning of tastes. Nostalgia is delicate but potent.

Nostalgia; from the Greek: “The pain from an old wound.” A twinge in your heart far more powerful then memory alone. A place where you ache to go again. Imagine your tables and walls full of vintage football memorabilia. Pictures dating back to when the team jersey was a sweater, your family throwing the old pig skin around in the park. Beautiful Girls in thigh high stockings with your favorite team’s jersey whether current, antique, or creating your own DIY vintage jersey. The old world charm of Sexy Topless Waitresses passing out cigars while your guests recline on retro leather couches.  Miami’s Sexiest Exotic Dancers serving and imbibing your guests with bottled beer and single malts from an Art Deco carnival wagon. With Hottest Miami Strippers the possibilities for the Ultimate Big Game Party are endless. Book online at KittyCatNowMiami.com or give us a call at 786-259-0110 to make your Big Game Party a retro Stripper Big Game party, today!